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The journey of a soul is a mysterious path through the unknown vast creation.

In this lifetime, I’ve encountered many cycles, moving through life with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, desire to expand and grow beyond my conditioning and with absolute intention to see magic everywhere and the sacred in everything.

As a curious explorer, I became fascinated by cosmic mystery, the forces of the elements, the power of mind, metaphysics and occult practices, embodiment and integration of all human  faculties and the ecstatic nature of prayer and ritual.

I dedicate my life, primarily, to my own progressive evolution as part of the greater whole, constantly seeking body-mind-soul alignment.

Devoted to see myself and others in our wild authentic expression as part of the planetary evolution, I became a practitioner of awareness, healing, movement and consciousness, offering tools for self-empowerment and self- initiation, aiming to connect souls to the ancient cellular memory, our inherent power of creation and clarity of purpose through the activation of life force.

I Facilitate and activate sacred spaces, deep shamanic journeys and guide rituals and ceremonies, workshops and group processes as well as private sessions and  a faculty teacher in ISTA- (International School of shamanic Temple Arts) co-creator of the Sacred Intimacy couple's retreats and part of the threefold collaboration ALKIMAGIK.

On top of being a free radical, I'm also an academic scholar studying and reasearching with PCC (Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness) at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies).

I'm seeking to anchor the fantastic realm of spirit in the world of living vibration and make extraordinary bountiful and abundant reality more accessible to all.

I'm closely involved with the landing of Highden mystery school in New Zealand and the wild love 2020 tour.

I am the guardian of the LEAH Fund, a non-profit organism supporting young individuals and humans coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to partake in self-empowering projects, find their gifts and source of abundance, and finance their participation in ISTA trainings.

My purpose is to celebrate and appreciate life and death cycles and unveil the sacred seed within all. I envision living  in a world where all people express their ecstatic, fierce and shameless nature. Where all is interwoven and the collective wisdom of all parts of creation contributes to our planetary awakening and well-being.



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