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Cacao ceremony is an opportunity to go deeper into our bodies and come closer to our inner gates of free expression.

It’s an invitation to celebrate the mystery of life and melt into bliss, with sacred cacao and enchanting magical music.

a team of magical beings will come to initiate a mystic temple space into a multi layered experience where we invite  playfulness, awareness and dedication to the great mystery of creation.

Above all we tune in to feel the sensitivity of the moment,

therefore, This temple is a semi guided free space open to the exploration of sacredness and bliss freedom and boundaries.

We start setting up the space, according to the event, may it be an intimate small gathering or a huge festival, a tantra event or a social event, as you desire. 

Cacao ceremony is a tender yet fierce time to awaken the divine within and evoke spirit. Meditation, prayer, chants, songs, live music and shamanic instruments. Setting intention and an invocation ritual, serving ceremonial Cacao and taking it in.

We include a deep shamanic journey connecting with our subtle bodies and reconnecting with or physical body, exploring movement and the awakening of the senses.

We take it into ecstatic dance that flows into a mystery temple space. The space offers areas for healing, resting, moving Eros, meditating, and simply being with love.

With that, we remain a live experience that takes its unique form according to the type of event, the participants energy and the frequency in the space.

We are here to serve the space and be guided.

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