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ASTROLOGY: The Maze of The Soul

Astrology is a study of personality's flow in the eternal human potential ocean and the path of the soul through life.



Our divine nature is life force running through our bodies longing to expand through life's events and experiences. This power can be seen as THE SOUL, breathing meaning and purpose, at the core of our being calling to embrace beauty, harmony and transformation as part of the journey.


Sometimes when we are out of alignment with our soul's mission we can feel the discourse and unpleasant aspects of being an eternal light in a human body, subjected to mundane needs. when alignment is met, we feel the magic of synchronicity and the abundant freedom, as our path reveals itself effortlessly.

When synthesising a birth chart, the layout of the celestial map becomes the maze of the soul, where we can unpack some karmatic influences, gifts and growth pieces and weave  a mysterious map of one’s personal evolutionary path.​

We envelope so much within, all the knowledge and wisdom of creation is already stored in our cells all we need to do is remember.  

The aim of this astrological transmission is to bring more compassion to our nature, and at the same time evoke alignment, to find our unique soul shine and path of meaning in this lifetime, to free the limitless power of  our creative force and make it more excisable in our day to day life.

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