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Cacao is a rich superfood  supporting health, we can feel the shift occurring on a subtle yet effective level as it enriches the body with valuable nutrients, protecting the heart, increasing focus and clarity of the mind, balances brain function, boosts energy levels and awakens a sense of bliss and euphoria.​

The effect of the brew already starts when we inhale it in, some kind of anticipation spreads like gentle waves of the peaceful lake waters. The body is already preparing for something exciting. If we tune in we may feel this sensation awakens in the heart and in the sex and travel inside our flesh like a web of life, It’s not necessarily a sexually arousing sensation but it shakes from the base as the body gently starts to open and move in little circles and flicks of vibrations.

When we drink this dark bitter aphrodisiac, bliss starts to kick in as some hormones are being released softly awakening a sense of well-being, happiness and love. Cacao energetically melts down the boundaries of the mind, opens the heart and invites pleasure.

Somehow we all became very obsessed with our well-being as a thing that must be obtained through hard work. Our happiness became parallel to our success in the physical world and thing we achieve- a beautiful home, food in our fridge, money in our bank account, clothes, partners, kids, spiritual growth, comforts, even love, in this we are all pretty much the same. We define what makes us happy and work to attain it. But there’s a voice, can we all hear it? It calls us to drop all acts and games and just allow for a genuine sublime feeling of bliss to spread, regardless of how successful we consider ourselves to be.

In a euphoric state we are all connected, we are all bodies with physical sensations, consumed by the light of our eternal souls, craving for freedom and connection.

Our mind is the shining gateway to our very essence, it is the door that leads us in and out. Cacao gently opens the perception so we can see this door, choose if we wish to walk through it and reconnect with our unconditional bliss, feel our bodies without being blinded by what we consider as our boundaries, feeling the souls of our brothers and sisters, dropping judgment of who we like and dislike. And totally Giving in to the euphoric feeling of pleasure.

So, how does it really feel to give in to this sensation? For a moment there is no need to be accomplished, no need to succeed, there are no internal wars, no right and wrong. There isn’t even me and you. We look into each other’s eyes and see ourselves, we touch each other’s bodies and feel it on our own skin. Can we really let go and melt into this sensation? Allow the body to shake and tremble, move and swirl, look through shiny eyes and see a crystal clear reality. Realise that our relaxed facial muscles actually curve up to a smile without directing it to do so? When euphoria leads, our ecstatic nature comes out to play, sing, touch love and heal.​

One of my dear teachers wisely said that the heart has only two purposes, to love and heal.

Love is the greatest medicine and any substance that opens the heart to love, becomes a medicine.

And so, we sit quietly and drink this beautiful medicine, it pours down our throats full and thick. The heart expands as we slowly drop the control of our minds over it. In this moment of pure truth when illusions lose their power, we may reveal our true hearts’ desires. Energy moves in us and we may direct it attentively and lovingly to the beautiful souls that surrounds us. We may use our bodies to touch, we may also feel the need to connect in silence and heal energetically.  

However, we chose to do it, once we unlock euphoria and bliss we become instruments of love and that’s the real medicine.

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