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Our inner temple, is a sacred seed that evolves along with our consciousness. As an extension of us, we can experience the temple in many forms, it could be our home, our creative space, a workshop or study room, yoga shala, meditation hall, any place where we wish to grace with a deeper meaning and dedicate to a higher purpose.

Temple is a sacred space of communion with the divine through prayer and ritual. Where we pray with our presence, with our hearts and bodies.

It is a container that supports process of transformation, deepening the connection with our creative source, where we can be held by our inner power, meet our shadows, run energy, laugh, cry, release, dance and sing, connect with other souls, be in playfulness and joy, inquiry and exploration of intimacy and truth.

Templing is being mindful of the temple space and in service to the sacred work that happens within. Service It is a wide concept and can be dictated only to some extent. This service is a calling that reveals itself in the moment, as well as a methodical, disciplined practice of devotion to the sacred. 


Templing is an internal connection with grace, open for spirit to flow into matter, space and people, a vibrating magnetic charge pulling everything into sacredness.​

Living sacredly, is a journey of remembrance, a practice of clearing the vision to see threads of purity in everything and of tuning in to hear the internal calling of the soul and the path it asks for in this incarnation, carrying the wisdom of many cycles before. And from that place, move in this world purposefully.

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